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Diving in Thailand

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Picture empty beaches, unending reefs and uncountable numbers of fish! This is the dream and this is what we strive to provide you. EcoSea has the knowledge to take you beyond the beaten path to find your own Edens.   As offers so much, from the Great Barrier Reef, to the Great Wall of China, to the most bio diverse spot on planet earth Raja Ampat with more coral specis and fish specis and the only place where you can find the Bird of Paradise! There is so much to see and experience that it can be a lifetime pursuit, but many will only be able to travel here a limited number of times so we want to help you maximise your Eco Asian dive experiences.

Diving in Thailand

SSI & PADI Scuba Diving in Asia


Many people Discover Scuba Diving in Asia with some of the best adventure scuba diving in the world located here. You can start by taking a DSD, a try dive, or resort dive as it is sometimes called. For many is the first step in training to become a certified scuba diver. SSI and PADI courses will get you in the water having fun on your first day of what for many will be a lifelong pursuit.

Many will ask what is the difference between SSI Scuba Schools International and PADI Professional Associations of Dive Instructors. In reality from a technical stand point there is very little difference as both are members of the RSTC, a internationally recognized trade group that sets minium standards for all of the different levels of non technical diving. as both are members they train there divers to meet and exceed the requirements minimums. If you ask many dive professionals they will point out that the training associations is not nearly as important as picking a great instructor regardless of training agency!

One interesting point is that manydivers think that PADI has been around for a lot longer than SSI and this is not true. Both were started in the USA around the same time. PADI currently is the largest with SSI in a Strong 2nd and getting closer every day!

Asia especially South East Asia offers some of the cheapest dive training in the world for all courses like the PADI Advanced Open Water, Rescue Diver and specialty courses and you can go pro starting with the SSI Dive Con or PADI Dive master programs and internships.

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